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10 TED Talks That Outline The Smart City of The Future

According to the United Nations, over the next twenty years, nearly forty percent of the planet’s population—around three billion people—will move into cities and urban areas. Where will they go? How will they live? Will we be able to maintain modern standards of living and ensure health and wellbeing for all? Answering these questions is one of the biggest challenges of our time. In these 10 TED Talks, world leaders in architecture, urban planning, and technology question our view of what a city can be and explain their strategies for building a smarter, fairer world. Read on to discover what the future holds! 1. “Why Buses Represent Democracy in Action”

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Visible Light Communication: A Chance For A Smarter Future?

Have you heard of LiFi, the Visual Light Communication technology that uses the light spectrum to transmit information? If not, it is high time to get acquainted with this promising new smart city technology! Early February 2018 a congress will be held near the Louvre in Paris, France, bringing together relevant players involved in this emerging technology. We talked to Maxime Dubois, Projekt Manager of The Global LiFi Congress about its potential for Smart Cities. About the Global LiFi Congress Dear Maxime, thank you for taking the time to share some insights about the Global LiFi Congress. Can you quickly introduce yourself? What do you do and how did you

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Startup Profile: How To Improve Air Quality in Smart Cities

Smart Cities are all about data. But not just data focusing on crowds or traffic but also data on environmental factors. The Danish Smart City startup Leapcraft is dedicated to measuring the quality of air and noise levels and its impact on health and quality of life. We had a chat about air quality sensors (among other things) with Anne Cecilie Duus Kühnel, Operations Manager at Leapcraft. About Leapcraft Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do? I represent Leapcraft ApS. We focus on building digital platforms and solutions based on big data and smart sensory technology for governments and companies, operating in a wide range of

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