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Do you like writing about breathtaking destinations around the world? Are you interested in technology and software development? Is working in a team with enthusiastic and innovative people one of your key points when searching for a job? If all your answers to these questions are yes, we may have just the right job for you!

Working on development and support of customized holiday packages is a job opportunity that requires your attention. If you want to know more about what customized holiday packages are, and if you can see yourself doing this type of job, just continue reading and get all the information you need.

How is the Travel Industry Changing?

Planning a perfect holiday has never been an easy task. Nowadays, customers are offered a wide variety of destinations, airlines, hotels, activities, and much more. Having so many opportunities can be both an advantage and disadvantage, since it will inevitably lead to the question: which choice is the right one?

With this in mind, travel industry leaders decided to combine technology with their services in order to resolve problems and doubts their clients may have. With the advancement of the travel industry, people no longer have to worry about planning their vacation.

Customized Holiday Packages are designed to ease the planning process. Searching through numerous online offers from different agencies can be tiring. For this reason, travel agencies have designed a way to put together the customers’ needs and their services.

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What is a Customized Holiday Packaging?

A customized holiday package provides the customer with all their travel requirements, according to their expressed needs and preferences.

The growth and advancement of the travel industry doesn’t just benefit the travelers and agency owners. It also benefits future job seekers who are interested in this field. With the introduction of new travel services, the need for smart, educated, and innovative people has emerged.

If you are wondering what a holiday package is, it is a combination of flights/trains with hotels and/or sightseeing activities offered together at one price by the travel agent or agency. Other services may also be included such as rental cars, activities or outings during the holiday. It all depends on the traveler’s preferences and needs. A holiday package is personalized to the customer and therefore requires more attention than other services.

Advantages of Cusomized Holiday Packagings

Customized holidays do cost more than the regular holiday packages, but their value lies in the fact that everything on the itinerary is to the traveler’s liking. In addition, it is also easier for the travelers to change their itinerary on a custom holiday since they aren’t encroaching on anyone else’s schedule.

The trip can be organized by modifying an existing tour package from the website, or an itinerary can be built from scratch. In both cases, the travel agency consultants create the trip using data collected from the client.

The itinerary can be modified as per the traveler’s requirements until it is shaped to perfection. There is a 100% flexibility so nights can be added or removed, activities changed, transfer modes switched, visits added, and so much more. Consequently, the demand for customized holiday packages is rising.

These packages offer value for money, quality service by trained professionals, and 24/7 customer support. This type of custom package can be created for individuals, families, and groups.

How Does One Form a Cusomized Holiday Packaging?

The process of forming the package is quite simple. The travelers are asked to fill out the online form and to be as specific as possible about their travel ideas and expectations.

The travel consultants read the requirements, make a plan, and arrange the bookings. Also, they provide a detailed itinerary, explaining how to reach hotels, train departure times, and all other pieces of required information, so that the client can concentrate on enjoying their holiday.

Next, an agency partner contacts the traveler with a customized itinerary. The consultant then fine tunes the itinerary until the customer is completely satisfied.

When the traveler accepts the offer, the consultant then arranges the holiday package: hotel bookings, train reservations, and anything else that is needed.

In order to complete the process and develop their business, travel companies need qualified and competent personnel.

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How Can You Contribute to the Transformation of the Travel Industry?

If you wish to contribute to the travel companies’ pursuit of delighting customers with enticing offers, there is a demand for driven people who are not afraid of challenges. All you have to do is to take initiative and search for innovative ways to contribute.

Above all, most travel companies value workers who are willing to invest in personal growth and development. One such company is Travel Bird.

Founded in 2010, Travel Bird is an Amsterdam based scale-up expanding to 11 markets across Europe. The success of Travel Bird is thanks to teams of entrepreneurial and inspirational people who thrive in a fast-paced environment. They hire talented people from all over the world and value the international environment this creates.

Available job positions are in the field of support, marketing, operations, sales, technology, product, internships, management, and web editing.

Job Opportunities in the Travel Industry

Are you wondering whether some of these positions are suitable for you? It may help you to decide if you get acquainted with what some of the positions require:

  • Technology: writing software, building systems and managing infrastructure to make the world’s best and user-friendly travel platform.
  • Product: the product team helps to evolve and re-think the whole customer experience, creating amazing products across multiple touchpoints and channels.
  • Marketing: reaching out to and inspiring travel lovers everywhere by engaging them with Travel Bird.
  • Web editing: the web editing team shapes their voice by passionately writing travel deals.
  • Internship: you can launch your career at a company where challenges, ownership, and opportunities already begin in an internship. Interns interact with top company leaders, tackle business challenges, and build relationships and skills that endure far beyond their several months at Travel Bird.

What Companies are Active in the Travel Industry?

Travel Bird is not the only travel company that offers a great variety of job positions in this industry. There are other influential companies that are contributing to the travel industry and that may be interesting and inspiring places to work.

Travelomatix is an award-winning travel technology platform that offers customized holiday package modules for travel agencies. It enables travel agencies, tour operators, and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA (Over-The-Air) platform. This travel technology company offers superb client servicing, leading to customer retention and customer base expansion.

TripFactory is the largest holiday online store where consumers can buy their holidays in the way that they want. They can either customize the trip online themselves, or seek assistance from experts who can plan for them. The company believes that consumers should have as much choice as possible, the best prices, and have the best of find and discovery tools so that finding and booking the perfect holiday becomes easy.

Marco Vasco enables travelers to explore the world with serenity. The company is the creator of personalized voyages. Since its creation in 2007, Marco Vasco has already taken nearly 100,000 travelers to the four corners of the world.

HolidayMe is an online holiday booking website based in Dubai. They also have their HolidayMe app, which enables creating and realizing a personalized trip by making all the arrangements via mobile phone.

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The Future of Travel

All of these companies are shaping the future of travel. By joining any of them you can contribute to this fast growing industry. Customized holiday packages are realized through a strong and organized team of people. Efficient operational and product teams are an essential part of the company’s improvement and growth. If you’re a self-driven and ambitious person, you can become a part of such a team.

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