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We become so quickly accustomed to technology advances that it is easy to overlook just how much has changed in the last 10 years. Our everyday routines revolve around helpful gadgets that make our lives easier. If you are a parent or pet owner, you’ll know that feeling of wanting to provide only the best for your family members. Parents and pet owners inevitably worry about their little ones, so why not take advantage of innovative technological care methods to lessen the worry? These new technologies also open up opportunities for job seekers, thus giving them a chance not only to help themselves but also to help many families around the world.

Pet Monitors

Pets are valuable members of every family that are lucky enough to have them. For that reason, it is no wonder that owners want to keep an eye on their pets, when they’re not around. Pet monitors are a great way to stay connected to pets when owners are away.

People live busy lives, but there are ways for them to keep an eye on their pets. When frequently leaving a pet alone, an owner might be interested in purchasing a pet cam. These pet monitoring systems provide an insight into the pet’s day. In addition, it allows the owner to find the best ways to keep him or her happy and occupied when they are gone.

Pet Monitoring Market

Pet owners can still give their pets the best possible care, even when they aren’t able to be right next to them. Many companies have worked hard on creating products for pets and their owners, to enable them to have a bond even when they are apart.

There is a range of options out there when it comes to pet cameras. From simple solutions to high specification options, the range of monitors is extensive and different products are offered. For example, there are cameras with streams sent directly to a mobile device, motion-activated sensors, and even GPS collars. Also, companies are creating easy-to-use apps, enabling owners easier tracking of their pets. That is why when looking for a device, customers should consider the family’s needs and lifestyle.

If you are wondering which particular types of pet cams are offered, you should take a look at SafeWise’s list of 8 Pet Cameras Every Pet Owner Should Know About.

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Baby Monitors

Nowadays, parents can ease their worries about their baby’s safety, with a range of monitoring systems. Babies need constant attention, and parents can’t be in his or her room every hour of every day. This is where baby monitors come in.

What started as audio-only infant care devices, enabling parents to listen in on their child from another room, have since added video cameras and connected features so that parents can always keep an eye on their little ones. With time, companies dealing with baby monitors are adding more functions to the monitoring devices, so that parents can even have apps on their mobile phones.

Which Types of Baby Monitors are Offered?

When it comes to baby monitors, there’s an overwhelming number of options, brands, and models, covering all sorts of functions parents never knew they needed. Therefore, parents should start the decision process by ascertaining what’s important to them. Some of the questions can be: where will they use the monitor? Do they want a simple audio device, or to be able to see their child via video? Are they prepared to invest in a monitor with a motion sensor? Then there’s the technology – do they want interference-averting digital or analogue? All these parameters should be taken into consideration when narrowing down the choices.

As the market grows, so do options in baby monitoring. The Independent constructed a list of 10 best baby monitors, giving confused parents a helping hand with their choosing processes.

Innovations in Pet and Baby Monitoring

As the demand for monitoring devices is growing, the competition among companies is also increasing. In order to find their place in the market, companies have to be creative and offer something worthy of attention. This has resulted in the production of many useful monitoring systems.

Petnet is a connected pet device company that offers a pet analytics platform to find solutions for fundamental problems of pet care. The company is driven by a team of designers, engineers and pet food experts who are committed to developing innovative ideas. They are personalizing the way people feed their pets. Their products include:

  • Smartfeeder- automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats
  • Smartbowl- Wi-fi bowl with smart scale which helps to measure and to pour the right portions
  • Smartdelivery- pet food is delivered to the customer’s door and owners can set their own schedule of delivery

Petcube was founded in late 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Petcube is a global leader in connected pet technology. Its first product, Petcube Camera, is an interactive pet camera that allows pet owners to see, talk to and play with their pets remotely from their smartphone. Petcube is dedicated to connecting people with their pets through technology. Their products include:

  • Petcube Play- interactive pet camera
  • Petcube bites- interactive treat camera
  • Petcube care- which includes video and alerts

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iBaby is quickly becoming a dominant force in connected baby room technology. It innovates smarter ways for parents to interact and care for their babies no matter where they are. Its product lines consist of award-winning baby monitors and air purifiers that use Wi-Fi connectivity, letting parents monitor their loved ones anywhere and anytime. Also, cloud-based storage makes sharing every precious moment with family and friends easier than ever.

Nanit uses knowledge and technology to create innovative products that are safer and smarter for parents and babies everywhere. From the stable camera stand to the infrared light, every detail of their baby monitor has been carefully crafted. Their team consists of scientists, parents, and designers—experts in the creating what is best for children.

Job Opportunities Related to Pet and Baby Monitoring

It is a known fact that nowadays, technology related professions are the most wanted. Pet and baby monitoring systems not only provide parents with devices for safer care, but at the same time, they give tech-oriented job seekers a chance to find their place in the business world.

Brand designer

Responsibilities related to this job include building visual communication for marketing campaigns and products, developing original lifestyle content (photos, illustrations, animations), designing for the web (landing pages, banners, ads), and creating brand identity guidelines. The expectations from the candidates are to have a great visual taste, proficiency with all the major graphic design tools, and experience with different media.


In order for companies to deliver exceptional quality products, they need exceptional engineers who will bring those products to perfection. Creating and developing products such as monitors, cams, the quality of camera and sound, are a part of the job. When it comes to the background knowledge, having experience and interest in technology and software is a must.

Quality Control Inspector

Before the product hits the market, the company has to make sure that the product is ready. That is the responsibility of the quality control inspector. The quality controller performs inspections, checks, tests, and samples partially assembled and finished goods in the manufacture. Some of the obligations are to accurately document the results of the inspections and testing, to assist in the writing and updating inspection procedures, protocol and checklists, and to evaluate problems and make initial recommendations for possible corrective action.

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Study Programs

In order for you to become a part of this growing industry, and help parents and pet owners create a better and safer place for their loved ones, you need a technology-based background knowledge. This list of Bachelor and Master programs depicts which types of courses are preferred.

Bachelor Programs

Masters Programs

The advantages of monitoring systems are numerous, from providing a safer environment for babies and pets and giving parents and pet owners a feeling of security and care, to opening many job positions in monitoring companies. Since there is always room for improvement and novelty, this field of business has a promising chance of future growth.

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